Thinking of building or extending?

If you are thinking of building, don't get caught out with unexpected contract variations. To get the lowest, fixed price, you need a builder broker.

Build on Budget is a dynamic Adelaide based firm that provides expert preconstruction advice and building brokerage. Much like a finance broker, as your building broker, Build on Budget will determine your building needs and then match them to an appropriate builder. We have the expertise and connections to facilitate a building experience at a price that suits your budget, in a manner that is timely and with no hidden surprises.

Our brokerage services is FREE so contact us now to arrange a 30 minute building solution appointment.

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Why choose us?

When you design your home with a builder, in almost every instance the builder will take over the copyright of your home as soon as you have signed the contract. Many builders are unwilling to provide fixed price contracts and are less than flexible when it comes to matching their product to your needs.

In many instances you will also see the words ‘P.C. Item’ or ‘Allowance’, which effectivley means that your contract may vary significantly after you have signed. Of most concern is the trend where some builders quote low to attract business, then profiteer after the contract is signed with ‘unexpected variations’, which typically includes changes in footings, service connections, and soil removal.

By using Build on Budget, you will have the flexibility to design the house that you want, and own the copyright to your plans. We will then tender your plans in order to achieve the best FIXED PRICE and ensure you get value for money.


Our expertise.

Director Derek Royans come from a valuation background and has extensive experience with all types and aspects of residential property including single residential dwellings, duplex sites, multi-unit development, and land subdivisions. After also running a small development company, Derek have an indepth knowledge of the construction process, having analysed countless building contracts and cost estimates for a wide variety of residential developments throughout the metropolitan area.